Back in the sweltering Summer of 2007 we commented on the over powering missus use of perfumes and aftershaves – politely called fragrances – highlighting the importance of choosing an appropriate scent for both day and evening wear during hot weather without choking all around.

Now in mid October there is a decided chill in the ear and it is about time the Top Banana sniffed out some of the latest perfumes and scents to hit the shelves. As always we’ll be keeping an eye out for any bargains and offers available.

The sweet light citrus notes summer perfumes offer now give way to stronger, deeper scents – musks that deliver provocative sensuality and seduction.

Best Prices for Perfumes

Perfumes are one of the most inflated goods on sale today. It is reckoned that by the time a bottle of perfume is in the shops the original cost price of production has grown from around fifty pence to become an enormous Thirty BBP. With this in mind Top B decided to focus on how to find cheap perfumes , fragrances and cosmetics.

Compare Perfume Prices

Many people are still put off from buying perfumes etc from AVON – even though it has been many years since the advert “ding dong Avon calling” was withdrawn many still see it as downmarket cheap perfume and womens gifts outlet but take a look at this Arabian Glow Gift Set which competes with the considerable more expensive fragrances from talented gardener and enthusiastic perfumer Carol Klive (imagine how she would express the top notes of any perfume – or even worse the effect it would have on her should she sniff a strong aftershave – ” Cheap Perfume Be Careful How you use it