Whilst reading nothing interesting‘s blog post about the latest wii games and how the Land Rover Branding people had managed to hijack the latest Wii game naming it Land Rover Off Road Driving game we were reminded that back in the Summer we shared our thoughts about the Great British Car manufacturer Land Rover grabbing headlines in various ways – at the same time that Land Rover announced a Donation of 60 Land Rover Defenders to the British Red Cross some Smart Alec marketing jobbie decided to lower the tone by creating and promoting the Freelander model using posh totty Zara Phillips in an attempt at making a bad taste video become viral.

Land Rover Back in the News

Now we are delighted to learn that Land Rover are back in the headlines again for all the right reasons.

Land Rover Our Planet is a clever concept to help the public understand how the production and use of Land Rover vehicles can be justified – “significance of climate change has become apparent over the last few years, it has been important for us to build upon our environmental heritage and plan for the future”

Details of Land rovers Carbon Offset programme and the Fragile Earth commitment – an ongoing approach to ensure that their actions have a lower impact on the environment have been available for some time but now the brand is able to boast that the new Freelanderis the most fuel efficient production model Land Rover have ever built.

If you would like to know more about the Freelander we suggest you check out this document which fully explains the science behind it all without adding too much spin.

Land Rover are quite rightly proud of the new Freelander and if their continual efforts to clean up their act mean better fuel efficiency AND lower emissions we say TOP BANANA!