Previously we posted this (and we do say it ourselves) brilliant article about finding free mp3 downloads by using a cunning search string could track mp3s readily available for you to save.

Ever since we’ve been going bananas trying to find a similar methods to grab freebies for ipods and by golly we have been disappointed.

Undoubtedly the iPod offers amazing memory and sound quality but the fact you have to cough up for an iTunes account is grim – and with so many other mp3 players on th emarket it is a wonder that Apple retain their considerable market share.  The top models of mp3 players offer full multi media functions – photo and video storageas well as holding thousands of mp3 files so you can take your music wherever you go.

The Apple iPod will hold its own – not only because of its iconic status but the latest iPod Touch and iPhone will satisfy those eager to advance their portable entertainment media players.  This iPod buying guide and mp3 buying guide written by the authors of the mp3 guide and the product information for iPod.

Let the battle for pocket audio supremacy continue and hopefully keep driving down prices.

And they say that blog posting is slowing