Previously on Top Banana we suggested methods of getting free mp3 music tracks.  This works well for those “hard to find tracks” and over time you’re able to build up an impressive compilation which you can sort and filter to suit your mood.

However many still enjoy the “surprise” of the track listing that radio stations offer and with the crystal clear, true high quality audio quality introduction of DAB and High Def Radio an new world is opening up for radio fans.

The UK has a dab radio guide that suggests which digital stations are likely to be accessed in your area – see Digital Radio Now however the selection is sparse especially when compared to the USA. (note the the Top banana station has to be “Birdsong FM” see Listeners are reminded – Please note that the line up of birds featured in the cast may change without warning due to illness, weather and migration.

In the US you can search for high definition local radio stations and find hundreds of specialist stations that give audio quality previously reserved for iPods and HDTV.

You can preview the sounds here – and the vedict – awesome digital clarity. Truelt Top Banana!