Free blood pressure check during Blood Pressure Testing WeekTop banana has an ongoing commitment to raising health awareness and is therefore pleased to bring details of this years Blood Pressure Testing Week – an annual healthcare awareness week focusing on getting more people to have their blood pressure readings taken.  The event is part of the Know Your Numbers campaign which encourages everyone to take regular blood pressure readings in order to identify high blood pressure so they can receive appropriate early treatment to lower and control their blood pressure.

Many thousand “Testing Stations” around the UK, staffed by qualified professionals who volunteer to take part will offer to measure peoples blood pressure with a free blood pressure check.  As well as noting the readings their will be information and advice available about lifestyle changes that will help lower blood pressure and patient information leaflets.  It is hoped that more and more people will see the benefit of keeping track of their blood pressure and begin to start taking their own readings at home.  Instructions about using the latest home blood pressure machines – including digital upper arm monitors such as the recently clinically validated Omron M10 IT Blood Pressure Monitor -will be available.

The Blood Pressure Testing Week runs from 8th to 14th September 2008.  Look out for local newspaper features and posters in participating shops and businesses or use the online Blood Pressure Testing Week Testing Station Locator online.

Last year hundreds of people were identified as having raised blood pressure were picked up during the week and encouraged to visit their GP for further assesment.  The signs are that this years event will identify as many again.