Another Big Job

A year ago a short post about boarding out the loft suggested that professional chipboard flooring sheets be used from builders merchants – these tongue and groove sheets quickly cover the joists and create a superb floor with minimum fuss. Laying floor boarding has to be one of the least favourite jobs uk diy-ers endure.

Now we enter phase two of TB Castle and clearly we need to extend.  Planning and building regulations hinder many people when they want to build bigger homes.

Looking for a space come living solution the recent opening of a log cabin business seemed to give us the answers were needed.

Log cabins and homes galore!

The log cabins offered come as complete ready to assemble kits – as the salesman said “if you need to get your saw out – you’ve gone wrong somewhere along the way.

The entire cabin needs no architect to prepare the plans. Plans supplied are what they are and any attempt to deviate is sure to result in a bad job.