The Top Banana team are always keen to pass on good news when a brand or manufacturer goes the extra mile to give something back. In May we reported the plans for celebrating 60 years of Land Rover which began with Land Rover World Festival at Eastnor Castle in June – now we are delighted to report the charitable donation of 60 Defenders to the British Red Cross – one for each year of the anniversary.

It was disappointing to see this gesture was overlooked by marketing agencies who instead considered using Posh Totty Zara Phillips and a hay fever afflicted horse to create what they hoped would be a viral video to promote the British Olympic Eventing team at the same time as raising brand awareness for Land Rover

Zara is no stranger to online video promotion – see Youtube Zara Phillips Equestrian Princess which attracts hundreds of views and many complimentary comments – 199 at 15 July 2008.

The reception to this “viral video” is one of dismay – tagged “amateur” “snobbish” “disgraceful” it seems to be gaining notoriety for the wrong reasons.

However as any good marketeing BS’tter will gleefully claim – ALL publicity is good publicity.

Zara has featured in commercials before – astride a Freelander and the face of Rolex watches.