At the begining of the year TB was compelled to do a spot of vanity searching for [top banana] to see how well thought of the site was a year after its creation.

The disappointment of not appearing in the top results was quickly lifted by the discovery of many other worthy contenders – who for example would have thought that a serious UK Job Site would market itself as All the Top Bananas – the UK’s most helpful job site.

Now Top Banana is becoming more and more used as an exclamation of greatness but I would have thought that the phrase Big Cheese would be appropriate for a high flying executive recruitment agency however the search results failed to deliver anything associated with careers, jobs or recruitment.

Full marks to the local authority web site for Caerphilly – commanding a number two (snigger) spot for its Big Cheese Festival.

Finally a mention for this blog – Calm Banana – great name – a lovely clean site found when searching for french music.

A little deeper is a page of one liners the best of the bunch (ha) being my favourite “I’m only smiling because I don’t know what’s going on” – top banana!