Top Banana reader JJ from Hints and Things commented on this sleep post passed on this little gem she discovered whilst researching her feature about BEDDING and looking for information about those who can’t put a duvet on. Its a short video that demonstrates “how to put on a duvet cover quickly” and makes the chore of changing bedding seem simple – easy and fun. On her site we found a terrific guide to looking after bedding and information about choosing so called luxury bedding and even a flippant reference to the hilarious “Naked Body Duvet Covers” that every new couple uses once before each notices the other taking a little too much interest in the printed design

The more sophisticated home maker would of course look for high quality luxury bedding – even shunning common printed duvet and quilt covers instead searching for upmarket classy quilted bedspreads to add style to the interior design of the bedroom.

However we at top banana aren’t too proud to feature our favorites. First up are the amazing bedding designs from Funny Ideas

And how could we omit the enterprising folk over at Futon Campus who offer this banana bed:

Sleep well Banana fans….