A weekly chore for this site and many like it is to sort through the copious comments in the hope of finding genuine engaging comments that relate to the article they are written on. Amongst the jolly comment spam that descended upon Top banana this week was a half decent attempt from an overseas business that wanted to let me know how they found my post looking for curtains and window blinds but didn’t think it too relevant. the trackback – if thats what you call spurious linking was to a business that promoted banana fibre window blinds

But thats not all – check the Alibaba page for the India rope outsourcer and a whole Cornucopia of similar products available not just his deep linked banana general window blinds but a full range of home interior accessories including blinds, bags, rugs and mats all crafted from banana fibres. The banana fibres are hand woven into versatile fabrics for curtains and blinds but left as dried raw fibres for weaving into sturdy bags and hard wearing rugs.

The window blinds that are able to use the banana material are mainly roller blinds but there should be no reason that the same material cannot be used to create longer elegant vertical blinds.

For those disappointed not to see a selection of banana style venetian blinds we’re pleased to report that this range will be available soon – it is reported that mature banana trees that are no longer productive can be ecologically felled, replacements planted and the harden trucks sliced to craft ultra contemporary wooden blinds- super style without the eco guilt.

A little off topic but whilst researching for this post a snippet on Wikipedia Freelander page legend has it that early adverts for land rovers cite vehicles driven thousands of miles on banana oil