With an ever watchful eye on improving health top banana was interested to read on “Your Blood Pressure” blog the results of a small study which suggests those who regularly get less than 6 hours sleep are more likely to become affected by high blood pressure. The post sleep and blood pressure offers various tips to aid better sleep, thus reducing the risk of developing hypertensive symptoms indeed helping to lower blood pressure.

In summer I was pleased to share my home furnishing find of stylish bedding and duvet covers and I am delighted to learn that the following tips were recommended to ensure a decent nights sleep:-

  • Sleep with the windows open but exclude light with well fitted curtains and blinds
  • If able spend more on the best quality bedding you can afford – it makes you feel pampered and also regulates the bed’s temperature during sleep
  • Consider using several duvet covers to find ones that help you feel most restful at different times of the year – seasonal sleep disorder is not uncommon
  • Your bedroom should be for sleep only. Avoid turning it into an entertainment centre with televisions, computers and stereos BBC sleep tip
  • Some people find that lavender oil, valerian or other herbs help them to sleep and prevent snoring.