This article begins the series “Top Banana – Home Makeover” – intended to be a resource for anyone looking to try their hand at interior design in their home. We will offer hints and tips about finding and using the best fabrics and materials to use, how to measure and choose them and step by step instructions to make even the more complicated projects seem less daunting.

Curtain Poles and Tracks

curtain pole imageFirst we will look at curtains and how a well chosen curtain fabric when hung from an appropriate pole, rail or curtain track can instantly refresh the look of any room in your home.

Depending on you level of skill you’ll either buy ready made curtainsor choose fabric to design and make your own. Whichever choice you make you need to consider fitting track or curtain poles that not only takes the weight of the curtain fabric and lining but in the case of poles also looks good and compliments the rest of the room.

As we have previously used “How to Videos” before eg How to Measure Blood Pressure we again are delighted to bring you this excellent video How to Fix a Curtain Pole that should help anyone with basic DIY skills do a good job.

Curtain tracks hide behind the curtain and are normally made of plastic. Curtain poles are decorative with the curtain hanging below on hooks. The following text is accompanies the video

Step by step guide to fitting a curtain poles or track

1. The hardest part about putting up curtains is the measuring. Try to use a measuring ruler with a built-in spirit level. It is vital that you check and recheck your measurements before drilling.

2. If you want your curtain pole to look good and to let in the maximum amount of light, allow for your drawn curtains to pull back clear of the window. Remember to include this measurement in your calculations before cutting your pole or track.

3. Mark the width out in pencil to the left and to the right of the window. Then measure off and cut your track or pole to length.

The way you do this will varu depending on if you are fitting curtain track, metal or wooden curtain polesor have the more elaborate bay window curtain poles to fit.

4. Next, you need to find the position for the two end brackets. For curtain poles, it should be at least 50mm in from the ends of the pole you’ve just cut. And, depending on the diameter of the rings you’ll be using and the way the curtain will hang, it will need to be a certain height from the top of the window recess. 5. To get this height measurement, check it against the curtain hook and ring arrangement by laying the curtain out flat on a table. You’ll want the curtain top to be well above the window recess. How far up this should overlap the pole is really a matter of personal taste.

6. Having calculated and double-checked your width and height use the spirit level ruler to mark out the positions for the two end brackets.

7. Mark out the drill holes for the metal bosses that hold the wall brackets, and attach to the wall by drilling and using raw plugs.

8. Check for any hidden cables, then drill and screw into position.

9. Fit the pole. Secure the lodging screw, anchor the first ring behind the bracket, and hang.

10. For curtain tracks, finding the positions for the end brackets is a little easier. Having determined the length of the track – allowing for the width of the drawn curtain on either side – measure 25mm in from either end of this line and then 50mm up. These will be the fixing positions for the left and right end brackets. Remember to check for hidden cables and pipes, drill and attach the remaining brackets, and following the manufacturer’s instructions, insert the track.

11. Then attach the curtain with the hooks – always starting off from the middle so as not to strain the ends

Happy Hanging