Land Rover - British Work Horse MPVLooking for a new Land Rover? Think about recycling the old classics.

In last weeks post we raised awareness of Land Rovers green credentials. It turns out that not only the latest LRX models are environmentally friendly with their greatly improved carbon emissions and tempered gas guzzling but all things considered Land Rovers are lean mean green MPV machines. It is so easy to focus on the immediate impact of vehicles on the environment however consider the enormous use of materials and resources used in their manufacture.

It is estimated that at least 77% of landrovers ever made are still in use somewhere in the world. Pause for thought – thats a lot of remaining working vehicles since they began to roll off the production line after the Second World War.

The level of dedication to keeping these Land Rover classics on the road is a fortunate bonus for the planet – meaning less waste of materials and energy to dispose and replace models.

The reasons that Land Rovers are so durable is the combination of great craftsmanship in the motor engine and use of lightweight rustproof proprietary alloy of aluminium and magnesium called Birmabright in the bodywork. Brimabright was originally used owing to steel shortages after the war.

You too can own a land rover albeit a scale model. Enterprising ‘Shop-Bot’ sites have even set up special Land Rover categories – expecting a surge in demand following the shocking news that landover is to be run by the Indian Tata Corporation.

On Graduate Jobs a recent feature about the career opportunities land rover offer also suggests that bi-lingual candidates would have the edge in forthcoming recruitment campaigns