What do you do with heaps of money? – spend it on very expensive gifts.

These presents are suggestions on the city-of-london site for the wealthy Englishman to buy as gifts for others or indeed as a self indulgent treat for themselves.

A Racehorse
Beryl Cook Paintings
J D Yachts
Vintage Wine Gifts

Expensive Gifts of this nature are perceived to demonstrate affluence and the sense of having “made it”.

Of course many people who have created great wealth would be less reckless in their spending and prudently look to invest – finding less blatant and understated ways to display riches and success.

RBS Coutts Credit CardIts not what you buy – its the way that you buy it – a marketing message taken to heart by top banana banks who now issue the ultimate in cool for credit cards – black and made of titanium. See the reaction when the card drops to the counter when reserving a suite at the say The Grand Hotel, Jersey, when visiting your international bank manager at RBS Coutts to check on your offshore investments.

Flash the cash but only in the right places – RBS Coutts is the international banking arm of “The Queen’s Bank” a far cry from the days when Royal Bank made these commercials to attract the man in the street