Why is a crap hotel like a pair of tight underpants?

Because there’s no Ballroom.Dancing BananaDancing Banana

Whats the point TB – life leading you a merry dance?

With the recent acquistion of stacks of free music downloads I have had the urge to shake it all about.  Unfortuately my jigging only extends as far as you see here and that does become tiresome after only a short while.dancing banana

Old Such and Such told me of a course you can take in Flamenco – and the added bonus was it was held in Seville. Ole!! What better excuse to leave the sorry weather of Blighty behind and catch some winter rays?

Grabbed a reasonable flight direct to Malaga and journeyed onward by fast, clean, efficient, cheap train to the heart of Andalucia and checked into the Confortel Seville that had been booked online in advance.

January isn’t the best time for Flamenco it turned out so other than catching a few weathered skinned chaps clapping their hands on a street corner (fuelled by a drop of the vino rosso) it was soley down to the lessons to learn this traditional regional dance.

Pretty easy really – clap clap clap – ladies hitch up skirt (it pays to advertise) and flirtatiously flick their hips, gentlemen stomp about looking aloof and mysterious but fierce.