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OO OO Free Music Downloads WHOOOOOWI’m ever so grateful bright-as-a-button-scape shared this link which explains how to search and find free music files on t’interwibble. This is ideal if you enjoy a good monthly download quota – eg Sky Packages allow 40Gb – enough for a stack of tracks

There’s a comprehensive video –   showing how to enter various search phrases to find music and video files stored on other peoples computers and networks but freely available to download over the web

Example – search for: 

   intitle:”index.of” (mp3|mp4|avi) -html -php -asp -jsp -cf -tones -mobile

Of course a lightning fast broadband connnection would be ideal – some of the servers seem to be very slow – I niavely naively blame them purely because I checked out how fast my download speed should be on the BT broadband speedtest as recommended by Thomas in this post about cheap broadband by Thom

Naturally I searched  for Top Banana and this is what I found:

> >>  intitle:”index.of” (mp3|mp4|avi) top.banana -html -php -asp -jsp -cf -tones -mobile

returned this google result page which listed

 Parent Directory        15-Jan-2008 00:19      – 
01 – Intro.mp3          12-Nov-2006 16:00   6.7M 
02 – PF ITA.mp3         12-Nov-2006 16:04  13.5M 
03 – Maison D’etre.mp3  12-Nov-2006 16:08  15.7M 
04 – Which One’s Pun..> 12-Nov-2006 16:08   528k 
05 – Umbergumba.mp3     12-Nov-2006 16:12  15.6M 
06 – Analogue Fest.mp3  12-Nov-2006 16:16  15.1M 
07 – E’s Are Working..> 12-Nov-2006 16:20  12.4M 
08 – Acid House Is H..> 12-Nov-2006 16:23  13.3M 
09 – Great Gig In Th..> 12-Nov-2006 16:27  14.7M 
10 – Can’t Breathe.mp3  12-Nov-2006 16:31  12.0M 
11 – Top Banana.mp3     12-Nov-2006 16:34  13.8M 
12 – We Are Punk.mp3    12-Nov-2006 16:37   9.2M 

right click and save target as

Bingo 13Mb of  techo hard beats FOR FREE!

Top Banana! Okata-service