Fuzzy Navel Cologne Isn’t it marvelous how freedom of expression is encouraged by this blogging malarchy.  It only takes a wee while scratching around t’web to find some very curious stuff.

Take for instance The Pasty Muncher who during the search for perfect pasties stumbles upon delights such as this book “What Shat That” an incongruous post followed by a detailed review of the range of pasties available at The Pasty Shop, Hatt – “silky-smooth filling with slow cooked Fuzzy Navel Cologneskirt of beef in claret with samphire & parsley”  mmmmm

Next up MyNavel.co.uk a curious diary with photos about the daily accumulation of belly button fluff. With my best intentions and in the true spirit of the Web I should  drop by again soon and discretely suggest trying a drop of the old fuzzy navel cologne I discovered on this new UK price comparison site.

Fuzzy Navel Cologne

What’s puts the fuzz in a Fuzzy Navel? A sweet liberation of peach schnapps and orange juice that will make you fell all warm & fuzzy! You couldn’t make it up.