Top BananaIn the bleak mid winter, now festivities are over it seems the right time to choose a winter holiday…….

No quickly bored of searching the web for “cheap holidays”, “last minute deals” etc how about a bit of vanity searching?

Top Banana is almost a year in progress and not appearing in the top ten search results for top banana is mildly annoying.

Sites that appear before this one include

Top banana who offer Executive Coaching Leadership Development, Professional Selling Skills and Call Centre training just to name a few.


Free Dictionary definition – top banana Noun

  • The main comic in a burlesque show. [So called from the presentation of a banana to the comedian who has the punch line in a three-man burlesque routine.]
  • The head person, as of a group or project.
Top banana website design “folks at Top Banana have a flair for style, a knowledge of music and the arts, both locally and further afield, a love of sport and a scientific background”.