According to moneysaving websites it is recommended that we shop around and compare the different broadband providers in the UK and approach them directly to try to get the best deal – much like car insuarnce – each time our fixed term contracts end.

A chap on moneysaving expert – “Drunkstar” – a top banana bloke – claims to work for BT and offers no bias towards their products and services  – he simply passes on his inside knowledge about the various options and discounts he is aware BT sales staff are able to give.

Well never look a gift horse in the mouth I say so I checked out the BT site to compare their various broadband packages.  Hmm lots of “pay this much now then that much for another period of time” confusion – just tell it to me straight I cried – then I rememebered the Drunkstar and sought his advice.

Sometimes its the obvious that gets overlooked – and one of his responses made me chortle – “Thats odd, means the advisor was crap. Just phone and ask for a cheaper deal. Be honest, its easier.”

Then a colleague suggested, what about using a shopping price comparison site?

Surely an appropriate place to search for and find a fast cheap broadband supplier? i have to say the result was a little disappointing – mainly cables and accessories for broadband not the actual suppliers and packages.

Well to come round full circle back on to the BT site. This time I caefully scrutinised each package and then calculated the benefits of the free Home Hub and Digital TV Rcorders on offer with their Options. if you take your time you will find some really helpful info on this site – download connection speeds, regional availability and eventually you are convinced that the BT Total Options offer reliable, fast and cheap broadband connection.

Let the bandwidth be with you.