Mild Mannered HenryMild Mannered HenryA couple of months ago I wrote about the Cowan iAudio D2 media player? Since then a whole rack of mpMild Mannered HenryMild Mannered Henry3 and multimedia players have entered the market. Apple have released iTouch with massive memory for videos and mobile phones are keeping their end up becoming Mild Mannered Henrythree in one phone, camera and media players.

Searching reveals a wide range of players at incredible prices – a basic MPMAN 256kb mp3 player costs a poultry £3.96.  Comparing prices at the othe end of the market is clearly worthwhile.

 A search for mp3 players on one of the UKs newest price comparison sites found a lowest price of £209 for iAudio D2 8GB MP3 Player with DAB Digital Radio Colour BLACK – saving over £40 off the high street price.