The massive increase of online shopping can sometimes present the ordinary shopper with too much choice. For example a search for the latest iPod Touch returns tens of thousands of results including many high street names, online merchants and online shopping comparison sites.

Shopping comparison sites do work in association with the merchants they use but as this market has grown there are few reputable online shops that don’t offer the opportunity to join.

Savebuckets has begun to appear in the first page of search results for many products I’ve been checking out. Having moved into a new home which needs a lot of diy work doing I’ve been looking for good deals on everything from halogen bulbs, duck tape and recycling waste bags.  Even one of the craftsman employed to restyle the stairs asked if he could have a quick browse to compare deals on a new power tool he was after.

Savebuckets a UK price comparison shopping site makes decision making easy – the site checks product details and prices from hundreds of online stores stores and they offer, delivery information and best of all you get to find the lowest prices.

Are the prices so very different? I hear you ask.  The humble halogen bulb of which I estimate I will need 50 of during the next year had a price difference that if multiplied by 50 would easily pay for a slap up meal out for two. Well what’s not to like?