Guitar  Pedals – Bass

There are many different types of bass effects pedal currently available online, from flangers to auto-wahs, many of which we have profiled on other pages on the site. Manufacturers no longer class the bassist as the guitar player’s poor cousin, and now produce high quality effects tailored for the four (and five) stringer!

Types of Bass Effects Pedal

The types of bass pedal you can find online include:

  • Chorus – Adds a slightly delayed signal giving the impression of depth and thickness to the sound.
  • Flanger – Adds a slightly delayed signal that changes frequency at a set rate, giving a whooshing jet plane effect.
  • Bass Synth – Create unusual Moog-like sounds with a bass synthesiser.
  • Filter – Get a funky 1970s auto-wah sound. Change the speed and frequency of the effect to get unusual textures.
  • Bass Wah – Why should guitarists have all the fun? Step into the spotlight with a wah specially designed for the bass.
  • DI Box – Save time recording with a direct input box. Plug straight into the desk, dial up your favoured tone and you’re away!
  • Compressor – Smooth out those unwanted peaks from your sound with a compressor.