Postcards from anywhere. 

Whatever happened to the tradition of sending postcards whilst travelling 

Have you ever used your moblie phone abroad?  Yaggerdy Yaggerdy weather lovely, great fish and chips wish you were here…

Then experience the total shock as blood drains from your entire body as you see the colossal charges you’ve racked up in such a short time.

Top banana solution – refrain refrain and refrain again. The rain in Spain my fall mainly on the plain but refrain from dialing and telling all and sundry.

The art of writing and sending postcards must be revived.  Whether you choose a picturesque scene, local costumes or simple super saucy seaside postcards once you get into the swing of jotting a couple of paragraphs you’ll have a heap of fun.

And remember the delight recieving a foreign card brings when the postie delivers.

For special people why not spray a squirt of your current favourite perfume or glue