SaveBuckets – No Fuss Price Comparison

One for the UK readership here – you’ll remember I talked about the Priceinspector some weeks back which had an engaging interface and quirky gimmicks however failed to deliver when it came to the price crunch – well there’s a new kid on the block.  SaveBuckets.

Along with well researched and straighforward buying guides the site is continually updating the latest models from leading brands and will strive to find the best prices.

SaveBuckets “My Price”: I want that one but I want it cheaper

Found what you want but the price isn’t low enough?

Key in your desired price and savebuckets email you if the product becomes available at the right price! Top banana – althought I don’t expect a flurry of mails to tell me the lates IPhone is available new for under a tenner.

Look for the My Price box on any product page… and Save Buckets.