Top Banana has often posted about medical equipment this time its the turn of the peolpe who use the equipment and their appareal

Look Good, Feeling Great and those around you feel better too – thats the philosphy behind Katherine Heigl’s new collection of medical scrubs

This stylish collection of professional medical scrubs is influenced by the talented and stylish actress, Katherine Heigl and it is created by Peaches Uniforms.  Both attractive yet practical, this collection has been inspired by the everyday needs of medical professionals at all levels who explained that when they looked good patients felt reassured and that they were in safe, professional hands.  

Medical professionals it seemed needed to have an appropriate, influential appearance, Katherine Heigl developed a line of Nursing Scrubs that gives the professional an opportunity for self-expression.

The Katherine Heigl Scrubs collection demonstrates an inspiring way for medical professionals to dress the part and is available now exclusively at Scrubs & Beyond.

Scrubs & Beyond began thei medical supply business in 2000 with three medical uniform and Medical Scrubs stores and now owns and operates over twenty retail scrubs stores in fourteen states throughout the US.