Ellie Precious – Online PR Support for Healthcare Organisation

Top Banana has been keen to support healthcare organisations and their campaigns to raise awareness of important issues that affect us all and we were delighted to learn that Ellie Precious has offered her skills and online PR knowledge to a small Blood Pressure awareness organisation.

Blood Pressure Monitoring is an organisation that focuses on providing the latest up to date information about measuring blood pressure.

After reviewing the site Ellie recommended area that the site should drive forward the message that having your blood pressure measured regularly is the only way to fing out if it is high and can therefore lead to serious health issues such as stroke and heart disease.

Key areas to promote are the up to date list of BHS approved blood pressure monitors and the comprehensive but easy to follow guide to measuring blood pressure at home.

Coming from a background in traditional public relations, Ellie Precious has embraced the power of the web and how it is an essential tool for getting your message across.

“As well as traditional Web sites there are thousands of Newsgroups, Forums and Blogs that are ideal places to find out whats important to people and whats being said online.

Along with the increasing importance of social networking sites people are becoming more and more web savvy and trusting the communities that they belong to.

Videos too can be an excellent way of reaching people online. We’ve all seen viral videos in circulation but there are lots of people who will now look to video site for “How to measure blood pressure video” clips – a picture can paint a thousand words Ellie reminds us.