UK healthcare organisation Blood Pressure Monitoring are hoping to develop and grow their online campaign to hightlight the importance of understanding blood pressure and how it can measured and recorded accurately at home with inexpensive equipment.Blood Pressure Monitor

One in three adults have high blood pressure and this condition is the most likey cause of strokes and heart disease.  Sometimes referred to as the silent killer the organisation is urging everyoneyoung and old to get their blood pressure checked regualarly.  You will only find out what your blood pressure is by having it measured.

Many people find that the increased anxiety of having their BP measured in a medical environment causes their readings to increase – giving a false record of what theire blood pressure level truely is.  This is known as White Coat Syndrome after the “White Coats” of Doctors and Medical Staff.

In an attempt to overcome this people can use blood pressure monitors designed to take readings quickly and easily at home.

The Blood Pressure Monitoring organisations recommends that only machines that have been tested and validated by the British Hypertension Society should be considered and provides a comprehensive list of these models and where they can be bought on its website.