For the past couple of years Price Comparison sites seem to have domintate  search results with their selection of leading brands at lowest prices.  Visitors are becoming tired of out of date information – old prices, item not in stock and the hidden menace of delivery or shipping charges that can add to the total cost.

Quality and quantity – Enter “Best Prices”

The latest sites to offer great deals on electronic goods – digital cameras, camcorders, MP3 Players and the latest software are specialising in just a few selected products form top leading brands – Apple, Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft Products and are able to drive the price down as Direct Distributors.

Choose your electronic goods online and they are despatched from “Best Price Brands” via nearby Fed Ex depots quickly so you can enjoy them next day.

UPDATE – following the comment left alerting the top banana team to concerns about the trading standards we decided to edit this post.