I had an e-mail recently notifying me that a site I had visited earlier in the year – http://trustedplaces.com  had been revamped and released for all to enjoy. I’d also heard on the radio about the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning event later this month so I thought I’d check out if there were any hot places to grab a great brew and support charity at the same time.

Who’d have thought twenty years ago that Britain would be swept by the coffee fever we see today.  Its as though the coffee shop has replaced the good old British Boozer for a place to hang out and meet friends – it wasn’t that long ago I overheard a tough looking South London builder say “yeah – they do a reeaally nice late there”

Anyhoos – a search revealed amost 400 coffee shops in London to choose from and amongst the dreary high street chains were some real treats – independent outlets, quirky themed shops.

To help decide where to go for my fundraising brew I found the user reviews and tag clouds proved particulary helpful – in that I wanted to go with a group of friends with young children.  Type in key words “young children” and results are narrowed by this phrase – bingo we get to check out the places – web addresses and phone numbers to make sure we can all fit in buggies and all – Job DONE

The record breaking World Biggest Coffee Morning is set to exceed all expectations this year.  I came across this event whilst checking the Count Me in Calender Coffee Morning page sponsored by the Coffee Machines Guide – a site that aims to list all upcoming charity fundraising events. The event is an excellent fundraiser for Macmillan