Love the Power of the Web


Not so many years ago ordinary folk never really got opportunity to express themselves to many.  A complaint letter would be read by the recipient and little come back or follow up.  Great ideas or fun stuff certainly wouldn’t often make it into published print but now the internet and web have turned it all upside down.

I saw the phrase “blog swarm” cool – and investigated. It seems that more and more businesses are having to monitor their online brand reputation.

An much quoted example of being caught with pants down is in the well documented Dell Hell – search Google

A whole army of anti Dell stuff dominates the web – fair play lets face it Dell are notorious for selling questionable quality products and squat diddly support.

Businesses and PR agencies still subscribe to Press Cutting Services – always wondered how the relevent clippings are found from so many publications.

With the onset of blogs, forums, chatrooms and news sites techy folk are devising methods of scouring the online world monitoring brand noise.

This page Monitor Online Brand Noise helps to identify areas that customers and potential clients might find non-official comments, reviews, rants and observations about their brand.

So watch out theres bloggers about – armed and ready to destroy your precious online brand reputation – even Wikipedia has to keep on it’s toes