What is Medical Tourism?

More and more people are finding that surgery and treatments that involve log waiting times and great expense are now available in other countries – on demand and greatly reduced in price and so Plastic surgery abroad is an attractive option.

The services of specialist from eastern Europe are cheaper and can be even more qualified than those at home and quality is not compromised as proper certification of Czech plastic surgeons is very demanding and required. People from western Europe can perceive the prices of treatment so low they don’t believe it can be from certified, skilled plastic surgeon, on a clinic with standards same as best clinics in U.K. or. U.S.A. have.

Free market economics are embraced by the emerging ex Eastern Bloc countries and so the law of demand and supply comes in the play. Agencies specialized in medical tourism come into play. Patients from U.K. pay them about £1800 for a standard nose job – rhinoplasty. If he bought it directly with out a middle man he would pay only about £900. Everybody is happy. The patient is happy with his hooter, the surgeon, the clinic, the agency.

Medical tourism has become a normal part of our life and the choice and value offered will ensure it’s continued growth