iAudio D2 MP3 PlayerCliff summed it up – He liked small speakers he liked tall speakers DIGG that music he’s wired for sound. Spinning around with a head full of music, leather pants on so he’s gonna ooze it – stereo, wo ow wo ow wo.

So its goodbye portable cassette players – the battery draining tape chomping little fellas and hello to portable cd players – more suited for movement and unless driven over by a large vehicle the integrtiy of the cd within remains.  Wait a minute – adieu potable cd player MP3s are here – nothing to break.

This latest media player from Cowan is the iAudio D2 PMP Player that boasts stacks of features and incorporates a crystal clear DAB Digital Radio Tuner.  The best of both worlds for music on the move and you can easily hook it up to your TV to share your video and photo memories with others.

Get hip to the beat and check out the amazing features the iAdio D2 has to offer and compare it to others in it’s calss and you’ll find it is exceptionla value for money but with no compromise on quality