Top Banana is most grateful for the hosting that WordPress offers however there comes a time when you just want to break free and have a domain all to yourself rather thatn share it with squillions of othe users.

The wordpress site suggests that its simple to slap your blog into a new domain but where computers and web technology are concerned the Banana would rather involve those with more knowledge and experience.

A visit to PC World could be on the cards – sometimes you can get heaps of brilliant expert PC advice – not just what desktop computer and pc accessories to buy but helpful staff whom if approached in the right manner – let them think you think they are genius wizards with WOW! Fantastic!! – you’re awesome!!! and they could be especially helpful.

Before hot footing it to PC World I thought I should have a quick search on the web. This Web Development blog seemed to be up on things and when contacted the author very kindly suggested

I await response from my ISP as to their thoughts on the import of TopBanana and have begun to check out available domains.  I considered Mostly Mumbling but thats already been nabbed along with seemingly all variations on Top Banana.