You may have seen the many adverts for this – I contacted the BPA for their expert opioion.

This is their reply

Dear Top Banana

Thank you for your enquiry. The Blood Pressure Association (BPA) provides information about high blood pressure and how it is managed and treated in the UK. We can only provide you with general information, we cannot diagnose your condition, give any medical advice, or make opinions on prescribed treatments. Please always see your doctor or nurse for information about your own treatment. I hope you will find the following useful.

“Resperate” is a device to slow down breathing, which the manufacturers claim works to lower blood pressure. To date the evidence we have seen for this product is unconvincing and you should not use it in place of conventional treatment for high blood pressure. However, more extensive research into its effectiveness is underway and further testing may give more information. Keep an eye out on our website for more details as they become available. You can read further about Resperate on their website.

For your general information on the management of high blood pressure I have attached some fact sheets on lifestyle changes to lower blood pressure, taking medicines for high blood pressure and the general facts about high blood pressure.

An important area of the BPA’s work is membership. Members receive many benefits which include a membership pack with information written by experts on high blood pressure and helpful tips on how to take control of your condition, the twice yearly official BPA magazine, Positive Pressure and discounts on products such as blood pressure monitors and services.

If you would like anything further please do contact us again.

So the choice is yours