After reading the Sunday papers it seems the writing is on the wall.  Following the news that the US property market has gone belly up due to the greed and imorality of financiers it appears that things can only get worse for homeowners here in the UK.  Further interest rate increases are forecast and repossessions statistics are steadily creeping back to the sad levels of the late eighties.Glass

Having the “joy” of two mortages this is indeed unsettleing.  As my financial advisor astutely pointed out should the rental income on one of the houses stop for a few months, finding the mortgage would very quickly become a problem.

Worried buy the prospect of repossesion I did some research and figured that a top banana option would be to sell my home quickly.

MPG Investments is a company that buys people’s property quickly and for cash, to help avoid repossession and help correct serious debt problems.  MPG Investments are UK’s number 1 property buyer and can quickly buy your property for cash and they even give you the option to sell and rent back your home from them after they have bought it.