The lure of the motorcycle – why? 

My mate over at just can’t get enough of her new brand new “beast” – a Suzuki GSX 1400 – Fourteen Hundred CC! Crikey thats more than most small cars which  can ferry up to four people around so heaven knows what speeds can be reached with just one on board and the friction of only two wheels.

And the biker community is far cry from the days of greasers mobbing up and down the motorways. The internet has once again brought likeminded people together.  In the south west South West bikers. Ride ‘Em South West is a place for bikers to share experiences in the forums, buy and sell parts and lots more – they’ve even planned a jolly day out to West Bay – mind the bikes don’t topple into the harbour.

West Bay was the location used for the brilliant tv drama “Harbour Lights” starring Wickesy from Eastenders. The TV scriptwrites renamed it Bridehaven and unbelievabley you can still see Bridehaven references today.

The area is popular with families and is important to the south west tourism business and economy.