Scent and FragrancesMost online perfume retailers offer little information about the fragrances they have available let alone suggest what mood and time of day each scent is most suited to.

Most of us are lured into the wonderful world of women’s perfumes and cosmetics via ultra stylish TV adverts and sumptuous glossy magazine pages – often with peel back “testers” but when it come to the crunch,  choosing a perfume from the enormous range on offer is bewildering.

Help is at hand.  The Perfume Guide to Women’s Fragrances features the top brands and latest fragrances available.  Along with a helpful guide about choosing perfumes each fragrance is explained giving details of top, middle and bottom notes, products and sizes available and the guide goes on to suggest the best online perfume shops so you can get the fragrance of your choice cheaply in the size you prefer.

Boutique fragrances offer the style of designer perfumes and the glamour of celebrity scents

The Perfume Guide is part of the Beauty and Cosmetics Guide who brought us the “Splash It On Guide” for Men’s Aftershave including this little treasure the bygone classic aftershave Hai Karate