Palm tree at Hanalei bay, hawaiiThe largest bay on the North Shore of Hawaii is Hanalie Bay.

Beautiful majestic mountains are the backdrop to a stunning two mile stretch of beach which leads to the ocean.  During the summer Hanalie Bay is a Mecca for watersport enthusiasts – the glistening tranquil still waters inviting sailing, swimming, divings and snorkling.

Winter is very different appealing to travellers looking for the reknowned Hawaiian surf and the sea in the bay becomes a no go area for small boats.

For travellers wishing to visit this remarkable spot Hawaiian Beach Rentals offer and impressive resources on theirHawaii travel information section of their excellent website.

Choosing to stay in one of the many typres of rental accomodation at the Hanalei bay resort is the latest trend for those who wish to avoid the restraints and formalities of hotels but enjoy the comforts of a modern home.

Renting a vacation condo or villa is usualy much more economical than using hotels – especially if  you belong to a group so check out this option when you next begin to plan a Hawaiian Vacation.

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