Car Stereo GuideAlpine Car Stereo

As more opportunities arise to customise vehicles, this Guide offers lots of audio system ideas to help music lovers to both make the most of their in-car hi fi and impress their friends.

The Car Stereos Guide will help in-car sound system enthusiasts in their quest to install the latest car stereos, MP3 Devices, and CD Players into their cars. The ‘Choosing’ feature is a particularly helpful as it gives insight into the various things consumers should consider before purchasing a car stereo or set of speakers.

  • Do I need a DAB car stereo?
  • What is a DAB car stereo?
  • Shall I opt for in-car speakers or a subwoofer?
  • What is a subwoofer?
  • What level of sound quality do I want?

The leading nine brands of in-car entertainment systems are featured with a breakdown of key features for each model.  The Car Stereo Guide will help to make comparisons between top models and there is a glossary available to help understand the technical jargon associated with in-car entertainment systems.
Details of specialist online retailers and a superb price comparison tool help visitors get the best deals. Other additions to the Guide include advice regarding fitting the stereo systems and in-car security.