Ethical banking online and credit card services

Not so long ago I was a victim of credit card fraud, which was immediately picked up by my bank and resolved without any hassles, so a big hats off to Coutts and Co

I was looking at various blogs and stumble upon a post about “eco-insurance” which is part of the Co-op’s online banking group. Whilst having a good look round, I saw they also have an internet bank only section called Smile, which also includes an ‘Ethical Policy’ section. What with all the recent banking issues on tv, it’s nice to see that they include a questionnaire for people to have their say on the bank’s ethical stance (which it seems they do respond to – see their feedback). So, for those who want to go down the ethical banking route it’s well worth a look.

Anyway, back to the credit card fraud, I started looking at alternatives to using my credit card online. The current front runners are pre-paid mastercards (does include monthly charges) and Cahoots (virtual) webcard (currently doesn’t incur charges, if paid on time), however I’m now thinking that as my bank’s fraud dept are on the ball why change