Poof and it’s goneI am grateful to his Lordship whose unorthodox method of weight loss is a fascinating journey is truely inspirational – scattertastic indeed – for his lead to this site poofdrops

What a breakthrough – a liquid deodoriser in the form of a translucent seal on the surface of the water. Genius. But there’s more…. Not only does it trap your odours in the pan but titilates the olifactoy senses with a discreet waft of Japanese mint.

Poof come in a tiny bottle and is ready to use at home, work or anywhere you’d rather not be noticed for you lavatorial behaviour it has been created for the sophisticated, bathroom concious person. This unique proative approach to covering bathroom whiffs is far superior to the usual sprays that fill the room to merely disguise them.

I just love the strap line – One drop of Poof will forever change the way you do your business!