Look on the internet for “blood pressure monitor” and thousands of results returned. Shopping Comparison sites dominate the results mixed with high street retailers such as Boots and Lloyds who have recently introduced their own brands of machines

Advice from the British Hypertension Society and the Blood Pressure Association is that it is important that the machine you choose is accurate and you are well informed how to use it. An easy to follow yet thorough instruction fact sheet “Measuring your Blood Pressure” is available from the Blood Pressure Monitoring web site.

Once you have chosen a machine it is a good idea to check the price of it online. Medical Equipemtent Supply Specialists such as First Aid Warehouse or Medisave are often much cheaper than in the high street and usually offer free gifts such as pedometers or First Aid Kits with purchases.

It is highly recommended on the Online Shopping Guide that you use a dedicated credit card when buying online.

Buying a blood pressure monitor online is no different to any other online purchase – be informed, be sure of the merchant and use your card safely.