Everywhere you look the latest antics of the rich and famous are exposed for all to pour over. Whether fact or fiction joe public lap up the gossip and celebrity rumors

Clebrity Gossip is a new web site that encourages visitors to add their two pennyworth and with a Paris Hiltonmind boggling A to Z directory of celebrities there’s someone for everyone. love em or Loathe em you get to have your say.

Stories from some of the worlds greatest journalists are pulled in to create this one stop celebrity fest.  I just learned that “The Sun” – a leading top quality UK newspaper have discovered that Paris Hilton (who she?) is considering increasing her rubbish bin security following the sale of her trash on eBay – items included an old toothbrush, a used deodorant stick and a “gourmet” dog food tin. A chap form Yorkshire commented “Where there’s muck there’s brass”

This site truely is a must bookmark for anyone who wants to keep on top of celebrity chatter.