Now some fellow Englishmen might accuse me of being a traitor but I do love a lovely cup of freshly brewed coffee to jump start me in the morning.Morphy Richards Roma Coffee Maker

As a student I opted for a budget cafetiere or French Press coffee maker – but found the coffee cooled too quickly. Boo to Bodum.

Then I found the stove top 3 chamber espresso makers which delivered a potent brew however I had a few near misses with the top heavy boiling coffee pots.

Now I’m an internet celebrity I feel its only right to treat myself to the Creme de la Creme of Coffee makers.

Crikey and internet search reveals there are simple heaps of brands and models to choose from.

I found a visit to the Coffee Machine Guide well worth while. it clearly explained the different types of coffee – what is espresso and cappuccino, how the machines work, hints about things to consider before choosing a coffee machine and a selection of recommended online shops to buy from. I especially liked the Check Price function which compares the current price of your selection so you are sure to get the best deal.

Want to know what I went for?

Top Banana Choice Morphy Richards 47505 Roma Pump Espresso Cappuccino Maker.