With the huge increase in shopping websites its difficult to decide where to begin, who to trust and which sites are secure.

More and more so called shopping comparison sites pop up each day but they seem to offer little other than affiliate links to favoured “partners”

Some sites do seem to “tell” as well as sell. I call them informational sites which although aim to send visitors to merchant’s web sites at least have gone to the trouble of investigating the brands and models featured.

The shopping directory features a bunch of these sites eg this is an article about cooking appliances and this page is an introduction to a great site about coffee machines

Other sites I’ve found helpful whilst kitting out my new home are this guide to fridges and freezers and one site even grouped all the LG products together in the LG Electrical Guide which highlights the features of the latest TV’s DVD and Audio systems as well as full details about appliances such as washing machines, microwave ovens and refridgeration equipment.