A new credit card seems to offer customers a good deal, but who is really making a mint out of it?

Mint, the new name for the RBS credit card and its high profile Television, internet and newspaper advertising says customers will pay no interest until October, and then 10.9% APR after that.

But people receiving a special mail shot inviting them to apply for a Mint card could end up paying much more in interest. Some will pay 16.9%, rather than 10.9%.

They are giving people a worse offer by direct mail, whilst advertising their standard offer.

This is simply confusion marketing and will leave customers worse off.”

In a statement, the company confirmed that some people getting the Mint leaflet will find themselves paying up to 16.9% if they apply for the card through the post.

However, it said that only a small group of people are being test-marketed in what it describes as a ‘price trial’ for the card.

Mint’s spokesperson also said some of the leaflets offer people a lower than 16.9% rate.

The Mint Card can offer a better deal than many of its rivals, but anyone thinking of switching should apply carefully. He said:

When you get a direct mailing through the post don’t ever assume it is the same offer, sometimes they are better, sometimes they are worse

If you want a Mint card, call them up or go on the internet. This 16.9% is simply charging consumers for the brand because people will see this and think they are getting a better deal.

Mint will usually offer existing customers a better deal but customers must call to negotiate.

The number to call is: 08457 070 070

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