Ohhh Ahhh – reckon I’ve overdone it on the gardening front. Finally the requirements for some early garden digging came together this weekend

  • Spade – Brand Spanking new – old faithful “lost” during move
  • Weather – absolutely needed some sun on the old boat
  • Inclination – I’m getting that “Spring in the Air” feeling.
  • Indoors No Go Area – thanks to floor painting. Tin says touch dry in an hour – seven sticky hours later….

Top Banana Tip Don’t believe the tin!

All the garden books recommend that the fiorst dig of the year should be a short affair and build up gradually to tone those under used muscles. So whaddya think? Yep two hours of soil turning later and an impressive pile of blasted bramble roots (more cable than BT) I was buggered.

Daylight ran out on me but now I’m ready to pop in a couple of rows of broad beans at next opportunity followed by sturon onions and red shallots.

Also bodged a couple of hardboard panes for the greenhouse – some early sowing is imminenet.