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Beetroot For The Win

This timely post was supposed to be about beetroot – how it is grown, where it comes from, what can you do with beetroot, is it better served hot or is cold beetroot better tasting?

However a distraction for the topic of beetroot has occurred….

Top Banana is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Gutenburg editing interface on wordpress.  Just watch a webinar with Joost and his gang who reckon that Guttenburg will allow easy implementation of the Schema mark-up – which would be nice wouldn’t it?

Beet It

can you beet the beetroot

Friends & Family Facebook

Good news on the social media front

The latest major tweak to Facebook’s algorithm, regarding the reorganisation of its news-feed, is being heralded as the biggest change to Facebook’s user experience in years – and they are probably right. In short, Facebook has taken the decision to start delivering more content from friends and family in the news-feed, which may come at the expense of branded and media content.

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Optimise Your Online Review Page

Online review sites and search engine optimization work very well with one another, and each one can greatly impact the success of your website. Review sites aid your marketing efforts by acting as an extra set of eyes and opinions to describe, rate and promote your business, and if you want to have the best online presence possible, you’ll want to ensure you’re using both tactics.


Luckily for you, you can even optimize your online review page so that it gives you the best overall chances of earning a top-notch ranking. If you want to optimize your review site, you’ll need to do the following.

Claim your business.

The absolute first thing that you must do in order to optimize your site is to claim your business on each site you want to join. As it stands, most online review sites will let anyone create a page for a business if they want to leave a review. When you claim your business, you are then put in charge of your account.

Fill out your profile.

Along with claiming your business, you’ll also want to make sure that you’re filling out your profile as thoroughly as possible. This is a great time to add a link to your website and fill your profile with the best keywords to describe your products or services.

Add photos, map and videos.

Today’s consumers are more picture-oriented, and it’s very important that you add pictures, maps and videos to your page. This way, these customers can see exactly what you have to offer and how they can easily get to your place of business. Plus, you can also add keywords to your meta tag description, which means that they can also be crawled by the search engines and produce results.

Here is a great example of an optimise listing page for a luxury holiday cottage in Dartmoor, Devon

Share information through these channels.

You don’t have to use an online review site to keep your mouth shut and just wait to thank people. Instead, why not use it like a social network and spread the word about your business. Tell those who visit your online review sites what your specials or deals are for the week. Then, reach out to those who wrote a review and offer them something special for taking the time to do that.


The more active your page, the more you’ll get crawled. This is why it’s very important for you to respond to both positive and negative reviews. The additional conversation every few days is needed to get the spiders coming back. Plus, when you use it to thank those customers for writing their review, you’re doing more than that. You’re not only thanking them for their time and dedication, but you’re also giving them a reason to come back.

To make it easier on you, think of optimizing your online review pages the same way you’d optimize your company website. You’ll want to ensure that your review page has keywords and that its promoting your company in the best popular light. If you truly want to optimize your online review site, implementing all of these tips will help you.

Jacob Smith is a small business owner and review management expert.  He recently gave tips on how to raise a business’ yelp business listing.

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